Helping First Responders

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When it come to helping first responders as civilians we can not really protect them. Because we are not as well trained as they are in their particular field. Even though we can not protect them we can assist them in many ways to insure their safety. There are many ways we could assist them such as protecting the crime seen. We could also tell them what is going on in the area so they will not be injured. Not only could we protect the crime scene ,and tell them what is going on; but we could stay out of there way completely.
The first thing we as civilians could do for first responders is to protect the crime scene. One could help patrol, and take people away for the scene until it is over. This is a way of protecting, and assisting because in some instances people may try to fight their way into the scene. That causes commotion in the crime scene most times ending up with the first responder and
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People could let first responders know of any dangerous or minor situation. An example would be someone being shot in an active shot out. If the ambulance were to ever respond first they would know not to go in the area until there is a cease fire, or the police come in to handle the situation. The knowledge of what is going on prevents injury or death of the first responders. This would go for any first responder so they could be well equipped for the situation.
Another way to protect first responders is to just stay out of there way. This allows them to do their job effectively, and efficiently in a timely manner. This protects you and them from any harm that may be happening or the aftermath of an event. That gives them a chance to be cautious with their task at hand whether it be an armed robbery or a raid of some sort. Because both armed robbery,or raids of any kind are to be dealt with by armed forces. These armed force men would be the police of any

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