Helter Skelter Analysis

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Helter Skelter: The Manson Story Madness. Murder. History. Shock. Helter Skelter uncovers an interesting piece of history toward its readers, that shows evil at its finest, the Manson story. Charles Manson1 is described correctly in the book as a ' 'animal ' '. As Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry give us the inside of how Manson effected not only the courtroom, but everyone who heard or told his story. This 1974 thriller sent me on a ride I 'll not soon forget. The rather frightening story of the Manson murders really plunges a reader whom may live in our time frame, just how simple everything was until being interrupted. How scared the people were seeing the realization it could happen to just anybody, because although everybody was not…show more content…
to be exact, Winfred Chapman6 stepped out of a bus on her way to work with an upset demeanor about her face, simply because she was going to be late for work, but Chapman was about to see something that would take her anger away and replace it with that of fear. As she took over her work place from an old coworkers window who had given her a ride the remainder of where she needed to go, she noticed a strange telephone wire hanging over the gate of her work residence. Chapman begin to feel a sense of worry, as she proceeded to hurry hurself along inside the grounds, setting her eyes on a strange vehicle perched in the parkway. But without much thought, Mrs. Chapman strode on further toward the house. Mrs. Chapman turned to outside light whom somebody in the residence had left on, unlocked the door she entered everyday, and entered the house with no suspicions of what she 'd saw outside, until her eyes landed on some out of place trunks which had not held that certain place the evening before, but the one thing that actually caught her attention was that there seemed to be blood on the trunks, blood all over the floor under them, and on the sprawled out towels. She did not have a full view of the living room area, but blood occupied every surface her eyes landed upon, as she dared to look further on, she saw the open front door with blood splashed upon the porch, & a body…show more content…
Retreating back to their house, the son, Jim proceeded to make two more police telephone calls, just some maybe three minutes between. What exactly happened to the calls said unknown. The policeman who responded to the calls came with a rush, policeman Jerry Joe DeRosa8 leading the way. Mr. DeRosa also was the personal who interviewed a frantic Mrs. Chapman with difficulty. The father of The Asin household, Ray Asin bean to share he had indeed knew the homeowners, and revealed he was gone on a vacation spot in Europe but had hired a watchman for his home, Asin also revealed the watchman 's name, William Garretson. While Garretson was watching the house, he took residence in the guest house. The house owner Rudi Altobelli was still in Europe. Even though the owned had been on a holiday, he still made profit off of his beautiful gated residence by renting it to a friend by the name of Roman Polanski (a famous movie director and his wife) and his beloved wife. Although the Polanskis had retreated to Europe in the month of March, friends by the names of Abigail Folger9 and Voytek Frykowski10 had took their place in the residence. Mrs.
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