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A city in the county seat of Lorain County, Elyria is situated at the forks of the Black River. Elyria is named following its founder, Heman Ely and an Albanian name Illyria. Elyria is where the Lorain County Community is located. In the earlier times, this site was occupied by different cultures of indigenous people. After the Revolutionary War, European Americans started to settle here. These settlers insisted for land drove settlers west along the Great Lakes from New England and New York. In 1817, Mr. Ely founded the city and built a log house, gristmill, dam and sawmill. He initiated building more houses to accommodate the European American settlers. There was a minor renovation with construction of new houses and new roads in 1990. Elyria is the “bedroom community” for Cleveland. Its location is perfect for new industries and businesses. It has a total area of 20.84 square miles, of which 0.27 square miles is water and 20.57 square miles is water.…show more content…
It is located in a ravine carved by the identical glaciers that made the Great Lakes. This park has a huge playground and a big hill used for fireworks show every 4th of July. Cascade Park is also a popular place for sledding during the winter

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