Hemingway Code Hero Analysis

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Some characteristics of a Hemingway Code Hero are: Enduring hardship stoically, accepting and fearing death, yet respecting it and not afraid to die, accepting responsibility and blames for your own actions, and being skillful at some work. Santiago, from the novel, The Old Man and the Sea demonstrates all of the listed traits of a Hemingway Code Hero. Firstly, Santiago endures hardship stoically, as seen on numerous occasions. To start, the first occasion in which Santiago bares hardship is when his wife dies and he is left with no family. Santiago loved his wife dearly and she was the driving passion within his life, for what to be without her would remain a mystery. Despite the tragedy, Santiago carries on with his life, and keeps fishing in an attempt to sustain a living. Santiago while fishing met Manolin, a young eager boy who reminded him of his former self when he was in his youth.…show more content…
Santiago does the typical Hemingway Code Hero action, which is to take action, and move on with your life, to not be over-emotional about such affairs. Next, it is showed that Santiago has gone Salao, the worst and rarest form of being unlucky. Santiago has not caught a fish for eighty-four days and has not made any money. He has been living off old rice and beans, while using the newspaper as a pillow. Impoverished, he does not seem to be affected, instead, he does the opposite of what would be expected, and tries the hardest he ever has in order to catch a fish. Being unlucky does not matter to Santiago, he is indifferent of the labels given, and continues to strive for greatness as he would typically. Such manner would not be shown by non-Hemingway Code Hero characters within an Ernest Hemingway novel. Furthermore,
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