Qualities Of An Old Man Essay

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The old man encourages us to take a risk, because if we do it, we may find the luck in it. Who knows? It can be happen though. His another bravery is showed when the old man fight with the marlin. At the first time, he was shocked because the fish is bigger than he guess. It is rather big to handle by himself, but he showed that he cannot be beaten by its size. He bravely fight against the marlin by using simple equipment that we might think it cannot be used to kill the fish. I respect for his bravery. Not all people have it. In addition, the old man also shows his bravery when he had an epic battle against the sharks. Yes, a crew of sharks, not only one or two sharks. Can you imagine, being alone on the ocean, on the small boat and then you find yourself surrounded by the sharks that watch yourself? If I were in that situation, I might be very frustrated and chose to give up, because there is nothing I can do. But it was not happened to the old man. He fought with the sharks bravely. He did all he could do to defend his possession. He fights against the sharks by using knife, harpoon and the skiff rudder. Can you imagine how can you beat the sharks by using these simple equipment? It might not help you, because your opponents are much bigger and stronger. I cannot imagine…show more content…
Besides, Hemingway tells the battle of the old man and the sharks in such a detail way. Hemingway makes the scene look real and makes me feel like I see the battle directly. I can feel the old man’s emotion when he fight those sharks. Deep in his heart, he might be afraid to fight with them. Afraid of being injured or maybe killed, because he know his opponents are strong and fearless. But again, this cannot be the reason for him to do nothing. He gathered all his bravery and fight them. He succeed to beat some sharks and drove them out too. His bravery is awesome. He might be old, but he is not a coward, and he already prove

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