Hemorrhoid Research Paper

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Hemorrhoids are the Proverbial Pain in the Butt

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels that form just inside the anus. This is a common, non-life threatening situation that effects the majority of individuals at some time during their lives. When the swelling increases, hemorrhoids can come out through the anus and form small fleshy pouches that can bleed, itch, and are uncomfortable, and irritating.

External hemorrhoids are referred to as protruding or prolapsed hemorrhoids. When the enlarged pouches do not shrink, they stay on the outside of the anus and become permanently prolapsed. For severely painful cases, there are medical procedures available to surgically remove both internal and external hemorrhoids. If hemorrhoid removal is determined to be the most effective method to eliminate pain and irritation, the doctor will discuss the various surgery options with the patient. Most hemorrhoid removals are performed as an outpatient procedure by a General Surgeon in his Victorville office or a clinic and the patient returns home the same day.
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Depending on the doctor-patient determination, the patient may undergo the procedure with a local or general anesthesia. Some patients may require stitches, which will can make the surgical area tender and sore. The recovery time is generally two weeks. This type of hemorrhoid surgery provides the most efficient solution for long term

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