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Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles What is Piles or Hemorrhoids? Piles is a medical condition which is both painful and very embarrassing. If someone is suffering through piles, most likely, they would like to talk about it for obvious reason. Piles is a condition in which the veins at the lower end of the rectum become inflamed and enlarged. As pressure on the rectum and the anus increases, it causes more pressure on these veins. When the veins become too inflamed, or sensitive, they may hurt and cause rectal bleeding. This is a painful condition that may flare into a fully fledged infection. Hemorrhoids is most commonly found in middle aged and older people, and people who experience constipation very regularly. The straining caused during constipation is one of the primary causes of piles. Causes of Piles: • Untreated gastric conditions like dysentery, • Weight of the increasing uterus and constipation during pregnancy, • Sedentary lifestyle, • Obesity, and • Genetic constitution Symptoms of Piles: • Bleeding on defecation - During or after the defecation, the bleeding occurs which is really painful. • Prolepses of pile mass – It is seen in larger Hemorrhoids and it…show more content…
These herbs help you improve your digestive system. Ayurvedic texts suggest moderating your diet permanently for effective treatment of piles. This would mean that you would have to avoid very starchy foods such as potato, yellow pumpkin and colocasia. Instead, you will have to add some more fibre to your diet. Sesame and mango seeds can be added to your diet to add bulk to it and prevent constipation. You can eat fruits such as jambul, dried figs, amalaki and papaya as these are all natural stool softeners. Vegetables that have a lot of roughage, such as radish, turnip,onions, bitter gourd (karela) and ginger are great additions to the diet too. Consumption of dietary staples such as rice and wheat can be

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