Hempel's Mental Toughness In Sports Performance

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Review of Literature:
Source: A
Title: Don’t even think about it?
Date Published: 28th November 2008
Author: Matt Hempel, Texas Athletics
Origin: Source A is an article published in Austin, by the University of Texas, available on the universities Website.
Reference: Hempel, M.
Athlete’s mental toughness as important as physical strength, say sport psychologists | Feature Stories
In-text: (Hempel, 2008)
Bibliography: Hempel, M. 2008. Athlete’s mental toughness as important as physical strength, say sport psychologists | Feature Stories. [online] Available at:http://www.utexas.edu/features/2008/11/24/athletes_minds/ [Accessed: 26 Feb 2014].

Summary: Source A discusses the vital role that an athlete’s mind set plays in the athlete’s
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Summary: Source E is a book discussing coaching strategies, team management and the physical and psychological preparation of an athlete. “Coaching is a comprehensive resource for developing a positive coaching strategy, using principles collected from the fields of sports psychology, sport pedagogy and sport physiology.”
Reliability: Dave Chambers is a coach who has gained experience over the last 40 years by working at high schools and universities and by working with individuals and teams on a national and international level. Over the years Mr Chambers has achieved a Ph.D in physical education and has won the ‘Coach of the year’ award five times. He has achieved greatly in his field and as a result Mr Chambers has been inaugurated into the Sports Hall of Fame at York University and the University of British Columbia. Due to the authors experience and achievements his information is very valuable. Mr Chambers has coached a variety of sports as a result he has gained experience in all fields aiding to the importance of his information rendered. “Written to meet the needs of coaches at every level...” Mr Chambers presents his information from a coaches viewpoint as a result there is a lack of objectivity in source
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My topic directly relates to Sports psychology and as a result the information presented on this topic is of great significance in my understanding of the importance of mental strength in sport.

Source: F
Date attended: 19th February 2014
Origin: Source F was a talk I attended at De LA Salle Holy Cross College High for all high school coaches. The talk aimed to guide the current schools coaches in their training techniques and methods in the confidences that they would acquire new knowledge which they could apply to their training, to result in the best results delivered by their teams.
Summary: The talk discussed the fundamentals of coaching with a detailed reference to the sport hockey. Alternative coaching methods were discussed and how to improve performance and motivate players was discussed in depth.
Reliability: The talk was presented by a current South African coach and two current South African hockey players who have coached many teams. As a result their information was of great value as it is implemented on the top hockey players in the country and as the coaching theories have proven to be effective.
The talk was presented from both the athletes and the coach’s perspective. As a result the information presents no

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