Henderson's Argumentative Essay

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As tears streamed down my corpulent cheeks and the sight of a bright red nose was almost inevitable, I walked around the house searching for help. Was there anyone who spoke English well enough to help me overcome these obstacles? The obstacles that played a huge role in my educational performance? Unfortunately, living in a house with four people unable to understand my difficulties left little to no options. This was the sight of a small, fragile, seven year old girl as she struggled getting her homework done for the second grade.
Nervously, I grabbed the homework given by the teacher. The sweat on my palms managed to soak through the corner of each assignment everyday as I wondered what the directions stated and how I was going to finish
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The unforgettable last name, the Henderson’s, still rings a bell and manages to put a smile on all of my family’s face to this day. As a seven year old girl struggling with the language commonly used around her, socializing with my peers was the least of my worries. Luckily, my parents had the brilliant idea of making friends with kids in my neighborhood. Through the Henderson household, I gained much needed confidence socially and academically. As I made friends with a girl my age and my parents associated themselves with the grown-ups, many positive impacts would soon be seen. The Henderson kids were all homeschooled and had a huge support system in their academics. Mrs. Henderson offered to assist with my daily homework objectives just as she did with her kids. With this in mind, I made my way over to her house every other day with perplexing assignments. Time after time, the lady who I believed to be a home school teacher for her kids assisted me with my constant homework questions. It wasn’t until years later where I learned she was simply a mother of homeschooled kids and not a teacher as I believed. All the help she provided was to simply help her friends in a time of
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