Hendrick Ross Alternate Ending Essay

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One day Hendrick Ross was so sick and tired of not being able to get a girl. So one day he found this creature that was something as small as a gopher under his rug and he released his fury on that, but it escaped and he broke a chair from slamming it on the ground. He was extremely furious now because the creature had gotten away, he had broken a chair, and still can’t get a girl. He decided that he needed to go to his trainer Mr. Patrick, his old math teacher, to help him get a girl. He went and this girl headed to his house and something happened that was terrible. Hendrick Ross is too tired of not getting a girl, so he decides to go to Mr. Patrick to help him with girls. “Hey Patrick, I need your help,” said Hendrick. “Let me guess, girls,” replied Patrick” “Yeah,”…show more content…
Hendrick was thinking about how excited, anxious, and happy he was to find this girl. When they got to the door, he let her go in first and all of a sudden the same item the size of a gopher, small, and skinny was under the rug. It scared her all the way our of the house and he picked up a chair and tried to smack it with it. He was so disappointed that the girl left, he broke the chair, and he didn’t even hit the object under the rug. In his head, he was furious and he was thinking about how it couldn’t get any worse and that he would never achieve and was so depressed, exhausted, alone, and disappointed and he wished he could re-do the whole part of his life all over again. He goes back to Mr. Patrick and he told about everything that had happened and how he thought he would die alone. He was depressed all through the week and he didn’t say a word to anyone. He just stayed home, rearranging his pictures and books and he would just read all week and not say a word. He needed more help from Mr. Patrick, he didn’t think he could find someone without a disaster happening. “What should I do now?” asked
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