Hendrix College Reflection

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I began applying and preparing senior. I only visited Hendrix college before applying. I could not afford to travel to the other states to visit colleges and I did not have the time to visit other colleges. Also, I was planning to stay in state. I did not take any SAT or ACT prep classes because they were expensive. I did not take the SAT because the colleges I wanted to apply to did not need it. Most colleges require either the SAT or ACT. I heard the ACT was less expensive and easier than the SAT. Also, our school forced us to take the ACT once and they paid for it. My school even canceled classes in order for every student to take the ACT. Taking the SAT would mean driving to North Little rock due to the lack of SAT testing centers in Little Rock. I took the ACT twice after the required ACT test. I was not aware that we had a required ACT, so I did not prepare ahead of time. However, I did prepare for my other ACT exams. Also, I made sure to take an ACT with the mandatory writing section. I applied to 9 colleges because what my college counselor recommended it. These 9 colleges consisted of colleges with various acceptance rates. I decided to go to Hendrix college because it is a liberal arts college. I prefer a liberal arts education due to it encompassing a variety of topics. Fayetteville is further away from Little…show more content…
in chemical engineering and my dad has his master’s degree in business. My mother got her education at a Jordanian college while my dad went to an American college. My mother is a chemical engineer and my dad works as a business person owning his own business. I think my family is middle class. I graduated from a public high school and the size of my high school was about 2500 students in total. A typical classroom was about 30 students. The size of my graduating class was about 700 and the graduation rate is about 63%. Most people went to state colleges. Only about 10 people were accepted into Ivy League
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