Henley High Band Research Paper

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It all started at McKinley High School. Kendall Aaron, Carlton Phillips, and
Corey Thomas they all was in the band for all 4 years. They enjoyed band and it was their main focus after their grades. McKinley High band was so important to them, they took it serious as it was reflecting their grades. They were so excellent in the band that they were offered 3 scholarships from 3 different schools.
To begin with, there’s Corey the silly one, Kendal the quite one, and Carlton the fun one. They’re in 12th grade, they love the band. They were offered scholarships from Southern University, Jackson State University, and Talladega University.
So, as time went on they graduated, then it all came down to the decision of their chose. So they had to audition in 1
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So they had a really good time, but they didn’t know that they audition in two days and they didn’t study their audition piece on a snare drum.
So, that morning they had to get up early in the A.M. and practice their audition piece at 10:00 a.m. So they all met up at Kendall house at 2:00 p.m. to go to Southern to audition.
All of them auditioned and they had to wait two days to find out who made it, then all of them was nervous because they didn’t do that good on their audition piece so they was really nervous. Two days later they all was at Corey house and all of them got an unexpected call and they all answered and it was the band director Mr. Hamyer and he said that they all made it to the human jukebox, all of them started to cry because that was their dream an Corey, Kendall, and Carlton finally did it!
First game came about, they was so excited they was more excited because they play the instrument they played the instrument in high school. As time went by the game ended and the 5th quarter came about where they battle. They finally battle the other band and the last song they got to twirl and that’s when they knew that they made
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