Henri Fayol's 14 Principles Of Secret Recipe Cafe

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Introduction Organizations should apply to management approaches to improve and maintain their business. The report shows how do Henri Fayol’s 14 principles(4 principles) and Weber’s bureaucracy(3 characteristics) apply to secret recipe cafe and explain how these management approaches have improved the efficiency of this company. Initiative SECRET Recipe Cakes and Cafe launched a two-week Buy 3, Free 1 frenzy on all its meals, drinks and desserts (applicable all day) valid from March 10 until 25. The promotion was launched recently at an event in conjunction with the cafe chain’s celebration of its 15th anniversary this year. In this news report,they apply to the principle of initiative which Employees allowed to carry out a plan to give customers promotion launched a two-week buy 3,free 1 on all its meals,drink and desserts to attract customers and increase their selling for secret recipe cafe.We can assume that if there are 4 people,they are willing to be consumers who can pay 3 and get 1 for free.Which means this promotion may lead a success. The plan carried out by employees greatly increased their selling and attracted customers to gain more fame and popular and increase efficiency for their company. Stability of tenure of personnel & division of work RESTAURANT MANAGERS / ASSISTANT RESTAURANT MANAGERS / OUTLET SHIFT MANAGERS At least 2 yrs experience in a Casual Dining Restaurant in a Managerial Capacity. Highly Service oriented with Strong Leadership, PR, and

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