Henri Paul Luck Cycle Case Study

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Henri Paul Luck Cycle 31 21 11 1 戊 Wu Earth 丁 Ding Fire 丙 Bing Fire 乙 Yi Wood 戌 Xu Dog 酉 You Rooster 申 Shen Monkey 未 Wei Goat 戊 辛 丁 Wu Xin Ding Earth Metal Fire 辛 Xin Metal 庚 壬 戊 Geng Ren Wu Metal Water Earth 已 丁 乙 Ji Ding Yi Earth Fire Wood 71 61 51 41 壬 Ren Water 辛 Xin Metal 庚 Geng Metal 已 Ji Earth 寅 Yin Tiger 丑 Chou Ox 子 Zi Rat 亥 Hai Pig 甲 丙 戊 Jia Bing Wu Wood Fire Earth 已 癸 辛 Ji Gui Xin Earth Water Metal 癸 Gui Water 壬 甲 Ren Jia…show more content…
How could he possibly be considered as a “Nobody”? He was promoted to deputy security manager of the hotel. After his immediate superior had resigned, he naturally hoped that he might be chosen to fill the position. However, the post was temporarily left vacant while the hotel searched for a suitable candidate from the outside. This implied that Henri Paul was not the likely choice for the position. He was working in the hotel industry. The guests who stayed at any hotel usually did not need to deal with the security personnel of the hotel. Instead, they met only the reception staff, the bell boys and the waiters if they patronised the cafeteria of the hotel. To the public, the security people were anonymous figures, like other staff of the hotel in supporting roles such as administration and accounting. In that sense, he could still be considered as a “Nobody” as far as the public was concerned. However, on that fateful night, some of his notable guests were celebrities. Dodi’s father was one of the major shareholders of the Ritz hotel. When Dodi and Princess Diana had problems fending off the paparazzi, the hotel staff naturally turned to Henri Paul as acting head of security to deal with the matter. If it had been ordinary guests of the hotel, he would not have been asked to

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