Henrietta Lacks Book Review

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During my University 111 class, I was given the opportunity to read the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. This read was connected to the most important medical breakthrough of the 20th century that changed the face of scientific research. This was the discovery of the numerous uses of cancerous cervical cells from a colored woman named Henrietta Lacks, to science she was HeLa. Her cells aided in the understanding of the development of AIDS/HIV treatment, the development of the polio vaccine, understanding the nutritional needs of cells, and stronger requirements of patient consent laws. To better understand the reading, the class was assigned a project that would allow us to make societal connections. Specifically, my group was assigned to…show more content…
Lifestyle and environmental factors have been closely analyzed for any links that may increase breast cancer risk. During research, it has been found that newer lab tests that are more sensitive, can detect cancer cells that maybe have broken away from the tumor in order to help predict the recurrence of the…show more content…
Lastly, vitamin D deficiency has been linked to the recurrence of breast cancer in other parts of a woman 's body. Advancements in prostate cancer include new research in gene changes that will help understand how the cancer develops. Some hereditary genes that have specific components of the DNA have been found to actually increase the risk of cancer in men. Many scientists have discovered that substances in some foods aid in lowering the risk of contracting the cancer. Lastly, a new treatment made is high intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU, which is used to kill cancer cells in early stages by using high focus ultrasonic
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