Henry Abbott's Argumentative Essay

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We have again heard the grim requiem of the striking bells. We have again proceeded in the slow and ceremonial procession to the burial place of the dead. We have again witnessed, with weeping eyes and troubled hearts, the remains of one of our number silently deposited in their last earthly resting-place, and heard the solemn ceremonial words pronounced once more, ‘earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust’. Our fallen brother and fellow countryman, Henry Abbott, who was just so recently departed us, on his patriotic mission, filled with health and high spirits, whose hardy body and soul seemed able to withstand the labors and subjections of a soldier 's life, has returned to us; but, alas, how changed and different! His once so noble form, tall and strong filled with life, now lay recumbent. The hands that were once so ready to serve his country and the heart that once so vivaciously throbbed in rhythm now lay…show more content…
Young Henry fell wounded while commanding his regiment on the day of December 6 1864 in the Battle of the Wilderness. His life was on the path of greatness. The third of eleven children, young Henry was very fond of his older brother, Edward, and looked to him for inspiration and guidance throughout his life. He was a bright young boy who entered Harvard at the age of 14 graduated in the middle of his class in 1860. Though gifted with significant intelligence, he had a slight streak of disobedience and rebellion and saw suspension twice throughout his education. “His mind was already of an active, inquiring turn, and he gave occasional proofs of such acuteness of intellect, and of such capacity in argument, combined with modesty and firmness, as led his classmates to entertain high expectations of his future distinction. His cheerful, amiable, and genial disposition, and his frank and courteous manners, made him a very general favorite,” (Higginson
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