Henry Clay I Would Rather Be President

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“I would rather be right than be president”, remarked Henry Clay when critics cited his failed attempts at winning the presidency. This very statement rang true throughout his political career as he feverously fought for what was right for the Union. Clay was born on April 12, 1777 during the revolutionary time period. However, his most notable works were during the Antebellum era. His first job as an assistant law clerk launched him into the world of law and politics which led to a colorful lifetime of helping mold the new nation. Although many historians debated his tactics, he was always known for putting the Union first. Upon his election to the U.S. Senate in 1811, Clay went to work to unify the United States. In the book, Henry Clay: The Essential American, the Heidler 's stated, "The Senate was Clay’s political home one where he left his mark indelibly on it… ". Installed as the youngest Speaker of the House and transforming that office from a simple presiding role to one of incredible power and influence allowed Clay to grab the attention of his colleagues and constituents. To begin with, Clay set out to revamp the House Committees to work in his favor and move the country forward. Because he was personable…show more content…
Finally, in his role as The Great Compromiser, with his numerous pieces of legislation such as the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850, he hoped to defuse confrontation regarding slavery and/or states ' rights. These pieces seemed to leave an undeniable mark on his reputation in the political world. In review of the Heidler 's book, Henry Clay: The Essential American, Lauren MacIvor Thompson of Georgia State University concluded, "The great irony of Clay’s life was that his last great testament to preserving the Union…would hasten the illness that led to his death in 1852…Clay was a titanic symbol of the Union to the very end, promoting compromise to save his country until its muscles and sinews could weather a terrible civil
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