Henry Clay's Campaign To Impeach Andrew Jackson

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The year is 1832 Pablo King, Henry Clay, and Nicholas Biddle is super stressed out about the Bank of The United States closing. Pablo King is a senator from Georgia and owns a cotton plantation with lots of slaves on it. He also is an immigrant from Spain. The president, Andrew Jackson, is very sick in the White House suffering from a gunshot wound. The infection is spreading throughout his body making him weaker. When the doctor tells Andrew Jackson that Henry Clay and Daniel Webster renewed the charter of the bank of the United States. Andrew Jackson was very upset and said from his sick bed “The bank, Mr. Van Buren, is trying to kill me. But I will kill it.” Pablo’s cotton plantation is very prosperous, but he has taken out a mortgage…show more content…
Henry Clay and Nicholas Biddle both respond “That is a great idea we should do it.” The next day the three of them go into the White House and have a meeting with Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson walks into the room and says, “Why are you here?” All of them say, “If you do not renew the Bank of the United States we will impeach you.” Andrew Jackson 's body turns bright red and his head flies off and steam comes out making the train whistle sound. Andrew Jackson screamed, “Do you think I will ever pass the bank bill? Why would you even come here to say that? Bye Bye.” Andrew Jackson then has security kick Pablo King, Nicholas Biddle and Henry Clay out of the White House. They go and tell all of the other Whigs and they are ready to impeach Andrew Jackson but there are too many Democrats in Congress. Their plan has been foiled by Andrew Jackson. Pablo King, Henry Clay, and Nicholas Biddle are so upset and say that they need to keep the bank of the United States and stop Andrew Jackson from shutting it
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