Henry David Thoreau's Argument Essay

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American philosopher Henry David Thoreau stated, that “The Price of anything is the amount of time you exchange for it.” People throughout the world have begun to question whether his statement is accurate or not. Upon looking farther at his statement, it is concluded that he is, in fact correct. If you look around you can see proof and instances that support his claim. You just have to look through a wide view. We live in a materialistic world. We price things by an amount of currency, which is our case, is the American dollar. However, if you pan out the view, you can clearly see that people have to work to earn each dollar. For example, a child working at his homemade lemonade stand has to work to make a dollar. The child must …show more content…

The price of being fit and muscular is the amount of hours at the gym, the numerous times reading the health labels, and the time getting rested. These atheletes spend numerous hours in the gym, because they know that that is the price they have to pay. Eventually, all of this time will add up, and they will earn that ideal body that they paid for. Thoreau’s statement is also translatable to life itself. People today want to live a happy life, so that one day, they can look back and be pleased with what they see. This too, comes at a price. The people have to spend their whole lives working up to that moment. That person may spend numerous hours volunteering at a homeless shelter, spending time with their family, or even traveling the globe. The fact of the matter is, that the price of a good, meaningful life is the time you spent making it that way. The world is not clearly black and white. Everyday you are forced to look with a new perspective. If you pan out and look at the broader picture, you will see that everything boils down to the time you spend achieving a goal, whether that be spending long days at the office to each enough money to buy that new car, spending countless hours at the gym to get better as a whole, or even starting your own lemonade stand to earn more independence. No matter which way you look at it, the point is always the same: The price of achieving what you want, is the time you

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