Why Is Civil Disobedience Important In Today's Society

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Today’s Dreamer In today’s society, people seem to rely on others more than they rely on themselves. People have seemed to lose sight of the actual important things in their lives such as self reliance. This is important because if a person is unable to rely on themselves then it will be more difficult to rely on others. America today is a country based upon people willing to help others. When people get used to being helped by others they become less self sufficient and do not know how to contribute to society without someone assisting them. The future of America relies on the advancement of the individual, because as of now there is more emphasis placed on fitting in and doing what society thinks is right versus doing what you think is right. The youth of today will be tomorrow’s leaders sooner than it’s realized. Millennials are people that were born in the 1990s - the early 2000s and they will be who this country relies on to make it a better place to live. With so much media presence in society,…show more content…
Blind obedience is being taught to children in school systems, the media, and by their parents. They are being told that they are required to follow these certain sets of rules but never told why they need to do that. I believe that this takes away an important learning experience of the explanations of why things are done the way they are. Emerson says, “The power which resides in is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried” (PAR 2). In this quote, Emerson means that there will always be things that people will learn but they will not truly learn until they try and either fail or succeed. This relates to this topic because in order to learn from experiences, people have to try it for
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