Henry David Thoreau's Peaceful Protests

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Peaceful Protesting is a brilliant means of safeguarding the longevity of a democratic government and for minority voices to unanimously participate in the government. When 2 unites all, whether leaders or followers, to join the cause for greater justice, they become the leader. That is the difference between a democracy and republic History recognizes change from within, as it has provided justice, peace, remembrance, and unity. Remember the government but also the people; a reciprocal relationship that mobilizes people to communicate dissatisfaction of certain unfavorable policies makes a free society truly free.
The revolutionary idea of peaceful protesting began with enlightenment philosophers John Locke and Baron de Montesquieu, both who came from starkly different backgrounds but believed in a free society. While John Locke argued for a very innovative society where the minds of a blank slate or innocent would be heard by a government willing to share common goals with the citizens. However, it seemed too mocking for the poor people to consider themselves a blank slate since it meant that they had nothing to socially elevate themselves. Peaceful protesting by their means is ineffective since it contributes to their burden and not necessarily burdening on the government’s influence. Baron de
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Shay’s rebellion is a story how Daniel Shay failed leading former unsatisfied revolutionaries to defy authority. While many inherently believe the Articles of Confederations was evil, nobody believed that there was value in challenging George Washington, who had freed the Americans from British Colonizers. Without a fight, George Washington gloriously stopped Shay’s army simply by threat. Thoreau taught people that instead of violence, they must have transcended to consider using civil disobedience. Like religion, civil disobedience is a necessity to find common ground and needs careful
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