Henry David Thoreau's Theory Of Civil Disobedience

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Everyone knows obedience because we do obedience from young to old. But do you know what order we need to obey and what order we need to disobey? This is the most important problem because sometime we will make mistake because of disobedience and sometime we will get in to troubles as obedience. Even the younger and the elder are confused. This article will talk about the first person of disobedience and the humans’ base line of obedience. The first person who raised the thought of the civil disobedience is the Henry David Thoreau, also legend of American history. We will talk about his story and his opinion. Second, we will have the most important discussion about the obedience: Milgram Electrical Experiment. From this experiment, the top doctor in the world will test about the humans’ base line by the experiment.…show more content…
We will talk about how the g-word birth and the development of the g-word. First let us talk about the legend of America history: Henry David Thoreau. He is the first person that raised the theory of civil disobedience. In his mind, he think that people should had their own mind and they should had their own view so everyone’s mind should not be same. But at that time government had limited their mind and force or control their thinking to vote. So Thoreau was very angry with that. He wrote the Civil Disobedience and the A Plea for Captain John Brown to try to help people to have their own base line. Thoreau is a radical and a person who want to destroy the slavery. Civil Disobedience is one of the most important book for the world peace. Martin Luther king was effected by this book so he use Thoreau’s point in the Civil Right Movement and let the blacks get the same power that
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