Henri De Lubac's Influence On Religion

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Henri De Lubac was a French cardinal that was very influential in the Catholic church. De Lubac was a scholarly, brave, and intelligent individual in the Church. He was a cardinal deacon to Pope John Paul the II, and was very loyal to the church. His research and books are considered to be among the most important writings regarding Catholicism. Henri De Lubac played a key role in the Second Vatican Council, which resulted in changes in the Catholic Church.
Henri De Lubac was born on February 20, 1896, in Cambrai, France. In World War I, De Lubac served as a soldier for France. During the war, he was injured so severely he had to return to his home. He joined the Society of Jesus in Lyon in 1913 and became deeply religious and worshiped God devoutly. He attended the Jesuit Houses of Study at Jersey and Fourvière, and later earned a doctorate in Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. Dr. De Lubac committed the rest of his life to learning more about God. Henri De Lubac was ordained as a priest on August 22, 1927. After being ordained, he moved to Rome to continue his studies of Theology. De Lubac became a professor at the Society of Jesus in Lyon, and valued the importance of education.
The following bible verse is a good representation of what Henri De Lubac believed in. “For the Lord
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He fought in the two World Wars and was prohibited from publishing his literary works due to suspicion from the Vatican. Many people would have been discouraged because of these things, but Henri De Lubac consistently held his faith, and continued doing what he adored. These upsetting events only encouraged him more to keep publishing works. He adored Christ, the Church, and Literature. Henri De Lubac’s works greatly varied, ranging from cultural history to religious dialogue. In all of his works, one thing remained as the centralized idea, which was wanting people to recognize God’s presence in our
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