Henry Dorsett Case Summary Of 'Neuromancer'

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Neuromancer Summary Henry Dorsett Case was a highly skilled console cowboy (computer hacker), who was feeling greedy when he was doing a job for his employer and figured he might be able to steal from them. When they caught him, they gave him an old Russian neurotoxin that would make it so he would never be able to hack a computer for anyone ever again (Gibson 5-6). Now, he makes his living as a hustler in Chiba City, Japan. To make life worse for him, his girlfriend stole some RAM he was going to sell to pay his debts to a drug dealer, called Wage. Then, Case is told that Wage was trying to kill him because he hasn’t paid his debt. So, when a man named Armitage offers him a job as a cowboy on salary, and a chance to hack again, Case decides…show more content…
Things then start to go straight south, fast(173-184). Armitage 's personality breaks down, and Corto is released. Corto’s defective personality tries to undermine the entire operation, believing he 's at Screaming Fist again(194). Case tries to save Corto from himself, but, Wintermute launches Corto out of an air locker instead(198). Next, Case goes to Straylight to save Molly. En route, Case hacks into a terminal and is in the world of another AI, named Neuromancer. Neuromancer is Wintermute 's other half, and Wintermute set up this entire operation so the two can be joined together(236). But, Neuromancer doesn 't want this, so he gives Case an offer; Rather than completing the operation, Case can live in Neuromancer 's world. Case declines and gets back to the real world. Then, after returning, Case rescues Molly and with Molly 's help, Case convinces 3Jane to give him the password needed to merge Wintermute with Neuromancer(261). In the end, Case meets the merged Wintermute/Neuromancer to learn that the program has now grown to encompass the entire matrix. Case is uncertain what it means, but he does establish that some version of himself also exists in cyberspace, perhaps within the new AI. The novel ends with Case
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