Henry Fayol: Administrative Management Theory And Functions Of Management

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2.2 Administrative management principles
Henri Fayol (1841-1925), was a director of mines and French engineer. He is accepted as the father of modern operational management theory and viewed management as a profession trained and developed. He was the first person who analyzed the functions of management for the first time. Administrative management theory is another well-known classical management theory which was developed by Henri Fayol in 1961. He settled this theory on his own understanding and practice. This theory is about business management along with overall management. He made clear distinction between technical and managerial skills, and identified the functions of management, which constitute the process. And finally he developed six functions and fourteen principles of management (Mahmood & Basharat, 2012). of management
2.2.1 Division of work or specialization
Division of labor is to divide up a single complicated job into different smaller specialized tasks. Each of these smaller task is handled separately by an expert or a team working under his command. These tasks are dependent on each other’s completion they are achieved separately and procedure one after other (Akrani, 2011). Sonee Sports is a sporting goods retailer in Maldives and they divide one big task in to smaller specialized tasks and a team working under one manager and followed by his command. This will increase the output and skill of employees.

2.2.2 Authority and responsibility

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