Henry Ford And Alexander Graham Bell

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What does one think of when they hear the names Henry Ford and Alexander Graham Bell? I imagine transportation, transcontinental communication, and how they changed history for the better. For the authors of “They Made America”, which appears in the Atlantic, they believe the same. However, each individual carries their own bias, and in the end we must decide who is believed to have made a bigger impact independently. Stated by the History.com Staff, Bell, a Scottish-born, American Scientist, was the first to design and patent a practical device, the telephone (“Alexander Graham Bell”). Ford, an American automobile manufacturer, was the creator of the Model T, but was not the first to create a gasoline engine powered automobile (“Henry Ford”). Both men were important people in American History, however, with this information and more, I believe Ford should be placed behind Bell at number twenty-five on The Top 100 list in “They Made America”(64). Although we know Henry Ford as the amazing creator of the Model T, did he really give us the first automobile? At times, I have heard students mention that Henry Ford is the all encompassing creator of the first automobile, but that is not the case. Yes, Ford created the Model T and other versions of what he believed a car should be, but he was not the father of the first automobile. Also, studies by History.com Staff show, “The Model T was an automobile built by the Ford Motor Company and conceived by Henry Ford” (“Model
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