Henry Ford Biography

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Henry Ford
Henry Ford once said , “ If you think you can do a thing or think you can 't do a thing, you 're right.” Henry Ford believed that anyone could overcome anything if people would just put it to there mind. The automobile industry was changed drastically by Henry’s set mind. Henry used his skills to make many new inventions that would make America 's economy much more efficient. Henry Ford showed what is was like to work his way to the top, with his own two hands.
Henry Ford was taught at a young age what it meant to be a hard worker. Henry grew up on a farm during the 1800’s (“Case Files: Henry Ford”). He was born in Dearborn, MI, on July 30, 1863 (“Abellanida”). His Parents were William and Mary (“Case Files: Henry Ford”). Ford 's parents were just average blue collar farming family(“Case Files: Henry Ford”). Henry grew up learning that he had to work for what he wanted, by his father on the family farm( “Case Files: Henry Ford”). Nothing came easy for the Ford family and Henry learned that at a young age and in him future(“Abellanida”). Ford grew up with a good education at a one house school in the nearby town ( “Case Files: Henry Ford”). Most people will say that his actually learning came from the hands on skills his father taught him yearly on (‘Abellanida’). Henry Ford learned and lived the hard working life at a young age. Henry Ford had a couple of heros in in life, but there was one that really caused him to find out his specialties. For Henry it was
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