Henry Ford: Mobility And Personal Freedom In America

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Arnold Page 1 Dylan Arnold Patty Cullinan ENG 101 WA1 revision/ 2-26-16 The invention of the car gave us this ease of mobility and personal freedom in America. In 1909, when Henry Ford first produced the Model T and perfected the assembly line, he unknowingly started a revolution (“A Big Year”). He was able to make the automobile affordable to the common person. This massive auto production gave birth to a new culture, the heart of which was a new icon: the car. After several decades of competition, the price of the automobile dropped and its popularity soared. Driving a car was a new type of personal freedom never experienced before. People were suddenly able to get up, go out, and travel on their own. Making the lives of everyone easier.…show more content…
In recent years, the automobile has suffered. The combination of global warming and skyrocketing gas prices reveals an unpromising future for the car and car industry. Given that Henry Ford perfected the assembly line in 1909, it seems safe to say that teenagers have been lusting after cars for almost a century. When we were fifteen or sixteen, all we dreamed about was getting our license. Most of us just wanted to stop bumming rides from our parents, but we also wanted the freedom that came along with it. With a changing economy consumers where able to purchase vehicles with more ease. This availability in turn created a link between cars and young Americans. How can something as simple as four wheels and an engine mean so…show more content…
If the automakers continue to produce vehicles with high emissions, there is no doubt the glory of the car in America will die out. We need to work to change our previous ideas of what to expect from an automobile, or we will be forced to choke on our smog, or go broke paying for gas. Our love has become a blinding obsession. One obsession that could drive this company to collapse. We need to change our habits to ensure the future of the automobile. The car has become such a big part of our world that life without it seems impossible. Regardless of what it runs on, the essential car only needs the capability to take us from point A to point B. America is definitely a country on the go, so let’s keep the automobile icon

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