Henry Ford: Moving To The City Of Detroit

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The message of the film is that that even a society that was once so high and in demand and somewhere that everyone wanted to be, can come down at some point, an economic collapse. Getting so many people together all at once in one place can lead to a change the culture. Summary: Henry Ford the creator of Ford cars, helps shape the way that Detroit developed. His mass production of the automobile brought in many workers from all over, they wanted to be a part of what he was offering, which was a higher wage, which would allow for a better life. What comes up must come down, that is exactly what happened to the city of Detroit, people began to leave and parts of Detroit turned into ruins, people were segregated and crime grew. The creation of the car really challenged Detroit. Cultural awareness: This film made me aware about how something that some would consider a necessity to living can have such a huge impact on how things later evolve. Life can be quickly changed without expecting these changes. It really makes me wonder, what if Henry Ford had made his assembly line somewhere else, in a bigger city, with a bigger and more assembly lines. Viewer exposure: I think that this film makes viewers realize that not everything is always perfect. A society can bloom one…show more content…
I think that the mass production of the car was a huge factor in the down fall of Detroit. I believe that if Henry Ford had kept his car production at a steady pace, the city would have probably been in a better pace for a longer period of time. Henry Ford brought together so many people at one time. When so many people get together it can lead to bad things, just like what happened in Detroit. People segregated and things just fell apart. I believe that the little things do make a difference in a culture and how it
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