Henry Ford: Road To Success

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March 5, 2018 Henry Ford: Road to Success
Henry Ford was one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the 1900’s with the invention of the assembly line and the creation of some of the first affordable cars for the common public. He is arguably one of the greatest, most famous businessmen in American History. Henry Ford had become a master in the development of automobiles, mastered business essentials , and had a personality that skyrocketed his capabilities to become a successful man. This man can be acclaimed as the one who pushed the U.S. into the American Century with the mass production of the automobile, but he didn’t start out in the automotive industry or in any industry for that matter.
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One trait that helped was curiosity. Ford was one of the most curious men of his time. He was known to have taken apart his sibling’s toys and rebuild them to understand how they work. Ford was never satisfied with results always stretching for better, for more. For example, the Quadricycle took thousands of tries to accomplish a working vehicle. Even then it took time to perfect it. Another would be the Model T as it had many trials before it became the best car of the nineteenth century. Henry Ford was an individual who possessed the trait of being persistent and carried it without recognition. Before acquiring success, Ford had failed with two other companies before finally getting a grip on the Ford Motor Company. His dedication was one for the books as his sole purpose for years was the development of an automobile. Ford stopped at nothing to create an automobile starting out at a small family farm to being approved by Thomas Edison to build the Quadricycle. Another important trait he possessed was the ability to be a team builder. Ford had immense respect for the work he did but he made sure he did not do it all. Ford believed in his employees so much and depended greatly on them for the creation and production of the car even paying them more than generous salaries. One Final trait of Henry Ford was his ability to see the bigger picture. There is another side to generosity to his employees. He believed that by paying a generous salary he could attract some of the greatest engineers and mechanics from all around the city and consequently he succeeded in hiring the best of the best. He also gave a generous pay in hopes that his employees would buy cars made by their own company to help Ford earn more
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