Henry Ford: Robber Baron Or Captain Of Industry

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Name of Industrialist: Henry Ford How did he acquire his wealth? He acquire his wealth by being a self-made man, that revolutionize the car industry in the 90’s. How he (or his related industries) treated workers? Ford manage to lowered the cost of manufacturing, while providing a wage correspondent to more than double of the previous average. He is known for the “skilled workers who earn steady wages.” But like most industries of the time, employees had severe health problems cause by the repetitiveness nature of the job and work place conditions. How he spent his money? He spent his money in a very simple way, always caring to behave in a respectable manner How he donated his money? Funding research, education and development through his foundation.…show more content…
I believe he is a captain of Industry. What made you categorize your choice as a Robber Baron or Captain of Industry? I believe Henry Ford is a Captain of Industry whose contribution was vital to this country place as a great industrial power. He uses his skills and social position to revolutionize the automobile industry, provide cars in a more affordable price and give his employers better and steady wages. In a time where America’s economy was at its low, much work was necessary to rebuild the economy. Those times are revolutionary in history because they are crucial to development, during WWI a lot of progress was achieved, most of it at expenses of peoples lives and believes. However, that is not the case of Henry Ford Model T car and overall work practices. It is true that people made great fortune at expense of others misfortune, but I don’t believe that is enough reason for us to generalize. And those same times are important for social change and commitment, soon after WWI the unions appear and the State started to intervene on the
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