Henry Ford: The Success Of The Ford Motor Company

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Henry Ford, the founder of the world-famous Ford Motor Company, was a renowned and enormously influential figure of the automobile industry. The introduction of Model T in 1908 marked the beginning of his rise to success, and his following innovations refashioned the means of transportation and industry in America. Ford was also at the core of the development of assembly line production methods for automobiles- he introduced interchangeable parts and large production plants, which revolutionized the mass production industries around the world. More than for his status, Ford was most renowned for his vision to manufacture affordable vehicles, and all the while provide a steady, considerably high wage for the workers. Ford became one of the world’s richest men with the success of the Ford Motor Co., and regarded as one of the most influential, however, even he had a faced a great deal of trials and failures before making it to success.…show more content…
He was his parents’ first surviving child of his four other siblings. At a young age he developed an interest in machinery- on his thirteenth birthday his father gifted him with a pocket watch, which he took apart and put back together perfectly. The people of his town were impressed and soon he became well known in the town as a watchmaker, fixing numerous watches for his friends and neighbors. In 1876, Ford was devastated when his mother passed away and he no longer felt any connection with the family farm, as he later states in a letter to his father, “I never had any particular love for the farm- it was the mother on the farm I
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