Henry Ford's Wheels Of The World

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Wheels of the World spent about less than a chapter on Henry Ford’s childhood, which means according to the biography his childhood was not very important. To begin, the book did not spend a enough time on Ford’s childhood. For example, from my other research I found that his siblings would hide their toys from him, because he would take them, take them apart and put them back together again. Information like this would help me to know how his inspiration to be an engineer showed. Next, the only information the book included about Ford’s childhood was when he was a young boy first beginning to get interested in engineering to help local farmers. For instance, Ford wanted to help farmers with farming, so that they would not have to go through much labor and have a much profitable farm. Even though the author included this important fact, he jumped right into when Ford was a teenager which missed a large amount of information. Even though the information that was provided to me about Henry Ford’s childhood was not enough, the biography did include a large amount of information of his family's background. For example, his dad, the hard working oldest, is from Ireland and his mother, the daughter of a widowed carpenter, was from Michigan. This information helps me create the setting of what type of family Ford was born into. Wheels for the World did not spend a lot of time on Henry Ford’s childhood, however the information of his family's background and achievements before he was born made up for the missing information of his childhood.
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