The Letters Of John Chamberlain Concerning Life In England

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Bibliography Caraman, Philp. Henry Garnet. New York: Farrar, Straus & Company, 1964. Caraman writes a detailed biography of Henry Garnet, a Jesuit Priest involved in conspirators of the plot, from the early life to his execution in 1606. The author extensive research provides detailed report for a Catholic clergymen. The author may have a bias because he is a Jesuit Priest. Chamberlain, John. The Chamberlain Letters:A Selection of The Letters of John Chamberlain Concerning Life in England from 1597-1626. Edited by Elizabeth McClure Thomson. New York: G.P Putnam's Sons, 1966. Chamberlain’s letters provide a example of an reactionary statement of an English commoner during the Gunpowder Plot discovery. These series of letters written by Chamberlain cover the time of period of English Monarchs of Elizabeth…show more content…
The author uses relevant historical facts and information to draw conclusions from other holidays. The selection from the book includes excerpts from British newspapers, Lords of Parliament, and Protestant ministers. Croft, Pauline. "The Reputation of Robert Cecil." History Today 43, no. 11(November 1993): 41 (accessed February 6, 2018). Croft writes a brief article on the reputation of Secretary of State Robert Cecil, before and after the plot is emerged. The author dwells into the political life of Cecil by bringing forth challenges Cecil faces in the Jacobean era. This article is informative with the author doing extensive research on Cecil in a future study. Dodd, A. H. "The Spanish Treason, the Gunpowder Plot, and the Catholic Refugees." The English Historical Review 53, no. 212 (October 1938): 627-50. (accessed February 10,
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