Henry Heuidekoper's Speech On Henry Huidekoper

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Brian and Matt had an interesting speech on Henry Huidekoper. Henry Heuidekoper received a M.A. degree from Harvard in 1892. He was a major general of the PA guard who was awarded a Medal of Honor in 1905 from the Battle of Gettysburg. During the battle, Heuidekoper turned the battle in the Union’s favor. Henry was mostly active in other parts of Pennsylvania, but the Huidekoper family has an entire plot in Greendale. I found their speech interesting because part of my research paper was on the battle of Gettysburg. From their speech, I liked that they started with an outline of the entire speech. This helped me know what to expect from the speech and what particular parts I was going to be more interested in. I also liked how Brian and Matt switched between each other during different topics. It was more interesting to hear each of them talk for about 2 minutes at a time rather than just one of them talking for 4 minutes and then the other. And I though the amount of eye contact the used was good. They weren’t staring at their note cards at all times, but…show more content…
Lewis Walker was from Wellsville, Ohio before going to Allegheny when he was 19 for a law degree. At Allegheny, He was a member of Delta Tau Delta. He went to the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago for inventors, and invested in the zipper concept. Bringing the zipper with him, Walker’s company also brought economy and education to Meadville. The best things about George’s speech was ow confident he was. During the speech, George was making jokes which really showed his confidence and that he enjoyed the research he did. I also liked that he had an outline before he started the main part of his speech. The outline gave me an overview on who Lewis Walker was and what parts George was going to use in the speech. Also, George had an opener that got my attention. Instead of being just facts, he put some creativity into his opener which I
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