Henry Reyna Character Analysis

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The 38th Street Gang, Henry Reyna
The Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez is a magnificent book. The characters are excellent and the play is just great. Shows hard times during World War 2 of gangs at war and people suffering from hope. Henry Reyna being one of the most important characters in this book shows a lot of his feelings and the problems he’s going through, affecting various people in some situations, he’s very close with his friends, but falls apart with his family as he’s always getting in trouble, such a depressing time for him and is treated very unfairly. The Zoot Suit has a very special character. His name is Henry Reyna also known as The Pachuco. The man is 21 years old, a dark, Indian-looking man, he grew up with violence all around his life, considerably gangs upon him. He would always try to pick a fight with whomever. His parents are named Enrique and Dolores Reyna, with a
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Mr. Reyna has a girlfriend that he truly loves named Della Barrios, he’s the founder/leader of the 38th Street Gang. They wear such a different type of clothing known as the zoot suit. Always getting humiliated as he’s just being himself, an article written by Carmen Carrillo verbalizes , “Henry, the Chicano from the barrio, is part of the generation in the 1940’s who faced harassment and persecution related to their mode of dress, the zoot suit.” Growing up to be an adult, he precisely has a record with the cops. They all want to bring him down and bring themselves to justice. This man is such an independent individual where he needs absolutely no one to help him, or tell him what to do. That's just his personality, he can be rude and crucial at times, but that's how he his. Overall, a straight up guy and won't let anyone bring him down. At time he is
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