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Explore how Shakespeare vividly portrays the preparations for war at this moment in the play. In the chronicle-- Henry v. Shakespeare, the dramatist in Act one scene expressively enkindles an intensified scene to the drama. Therefore, he has accomplished this by the heroic characterization of Henry, the perquisites of his past barbaric lifestyle and his threatening reply. Along with that, Shakespeare accentuates the audience of the radical annihilation resulted if the two countries went into war and the strength of the French challenge. Hence, with these elements Henry has made this a significant and rhetoric scene in the play. With the disparaging and brusque reply, Shakespeare powerfully paints an indestructible sense of the French vanguard. The dramatists display an ostentatious and contemptuous reply by Dauphin alleging to Henry's claim that there is "naught in France" a dukedom that Henry can 'revel into.' Thus Shakespeare here implicitly reveals that Henry's threat to the throne of France is heeded with hilarity and believed to be the cause of his "savor too much of his youth." Not only that but also the Dauphin's statement, "nimble galliard won" suggests that France is not an easy opponent. This metaphor humorously comments Henry is an insignificant threat to France which is ver. Therefore, the audiences…show more content…
The dramatist paints the fearlessness and seriousness of Henry and his nobles. He accentuates that the daunting scornful reply by Dauphin shall pave a path to 'wasteful vengeance' and describes Herny as 'wrangler.' With that, he enkindles an insulting imagery to the Dauphin such as the 'courts of France' disturbed and Henry striking Dauphin's father's crown into a hazard. Therefore, the audiences impressed by the English's robust attitude have jingoism risen in them. Therefore, we are enlightened of the confidence in Henry in his victory over

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