Henry VIII: How The Protestant Reformation Changed The World

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The Protestant Reformation was 16th century movement between the Catholics and Protestants. One day a man named Martin Luther, a German monk, had enough with the Catholic Church and their ways. He wrote a document called the 95 theses. The 95 theses was a document that where 95 complaints about the Catholic Church. Martin Luther posted his document and the vine and attracted a lot of attention. Eventually it attracted so much attention that is got the whole country of Germany thinking and reading his document. He sent a copy of the document to his bishop and he forwarded it to Rome. His document eventually was being talked about worldwide and especially in England. England was all catholic and the king at the time was Henry VIII. Henry VIII…show more content…
The first impact started when Martin Luther persuaded people to protest. They protested against the biggest organization in the world. This got across the world and a lot of innocent people protested against other organizations. This gave people more confidence to fight for what they believed. The second impact was when Henry declined tholisism to England. England was the main country at the time and they influenced most of the world and this also let Protestantism thrive. This also had an impact on the world today. If this didn’t happen the world today all Christians would be catholic. The world may have never known what protestant was or meant. This let Christians have the freedom to read their bible and believe what they want. This also changed the world that has to do with the Catholics. After the Reformation the Catholics tried to fix all the problems that Luther complained about. They stopped charging people so much money for religious things. They didn’t allow marriage now they do. If they didn’t change these problems back then then they might not be a big religion…show more content…
They are different in the ways they worship, place of origin, holy days, baptism, and their leader. They originated in Palestine, and the Roman Empire while Christianity was born in Jerusalem. Catholics have Lent and a Holy week to where Protestants do not. Lent is where you give up something special for 40 days for Jesus. All Catholics baptize kids when they are new born not giving them a chance to understand what is going on. Protestants baptize people when they realize they need god and they believe Jesus is the son of God and he will come back to earth again. Another big difference is the Catholics have a leader called the pope. He controls everything that the religion stands for and the Protestants do not. Protestants simply have a preacher to read them scriptures on Sunday. They also have similarities. They both believe in Jesus, both think Sunday is the holy day, both worship in churches and cathedrals, and also their religions are based on love. The two religions both believe Jesus is the son of god, they just interpret the bible differently. They both worship in places called Churches and Cathedral the same as the bible said in the old days. They also believe that Sunday is the Lord’s Day and that’s when they attend church. They also have scripture readings on Wednesday evenings. As you can see the religions are similar yet different in many ways, but they

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