Henry Xiv Absolutism Similarities

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Absolutism started when Henry IV ended the French Religious wars with Edict of Nantes.Henry IV and duke of Sully laid out the foundation for French absolutism. After Henry IV had died Marie de’ Medici became the head of government because Louis XIII was too young to lead. Marie de’ Medici secured appointment of Cardinal Richelieu to the council of ministers. Richelieu ended up appointing Jules Mazarin when Louis XIII died, who became dominant power in the government, and Queen Anne of Austria governed for king Louis XIV as he was a child. Louis XIV ended up reaching what would be the peak of absolutism development. Constitutionalism started when Elizabeth I focus on political flexibility, managing the finances, selecting ministers, manipulating …show more content…

The common passed Triennial Act which compelled Charles to summon parliament, and this started the English civil war which ended when Charles I was executed. Oliver Cromwell took over and was very strong until his death which collapsed the government and restored monarchy. Charles II ended up restoring English Monarchy. In 1589-1725 when Absolutism started in France and Constitutionalism started in England, the leaders were controlling their land in different ways, but the actions were not entirely unique. A major difference was the ideology on how the government should be run. Also the two governments contrast when you talk about the leaders. On the contrary, the use of a military was similar between both France and …show more content…

The children Louis XIII and Louis XIV made Marie de’ Medici and Queen Anne of Austria became head of government as these kids would grow up to become leaders. In England on the other hand had older leaders who were able to lead as soon as they were put in the spot. One similarity between the leaders was both France and England had a time where a woman was in charge of the government where it was very uncommon because of the belief they are not strong enough to hold the position. Queen Elizabeth I had showed them wrong, and led with dignity and devotion towards her position. Although Louis XIII and Louis XIV were the kings they were not old enough to do anything with it so Marie de’ Medici and Queen Anne of Austria had became the ones calling the shots and taking

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