How Does Henry's Character Change

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Isn’t it remarkable how one person can change another. We come into this world with our own mindset, our own opinions, our own beliefs, and when someone else sheds a light of their own, our world can change forever. Henry experiences this change due to anothers wisdom through two main characters. Catherine changes Henry’s maturity, and the priest shows Henry how much more there is to life than Henry originally thinks. If Henry would have never meet these people, he would have continued to be the non-mature, unbelieving, unloved man he started the book as. The character that creates the biggest impact to Henry, is the same person that can change almost anyone’s views in life, his first true love. Catherine turns an immature, unloyal, but respectful man, into a loving, caring man. Henry shows us that he is respectful from the very beginning by calling Catherine Miss Barkley. However, he doesn’t love her from the beginning. From the start of their affair, Henry was hoping for nothing more than a short relationship, much like the immature relationships he had when he travelled the countryside in the…show more content…
On page 216, Ernest Hemingway writes many more than simply “one true sentence”. Henry’s monologue where he talks about his new view on life and loneliness, we can easily identify a new man. Before this point we see small almost irrelevant changes in behavior. After this deep and thought provoking paragraph, we know Henry has became much more mature man, as Catherine had tried to change, much more isolated man, except from his love of Catherine, and he finds a new view of courage and destruction. He now sees the priest’s wisdom and how right the priest was about love and happiness. In this way we say goodbye to the, non believing, unloving, carbon copy of Rinaldi that Henry originally is, and say hello to the loving, faithful, and loyal man we all know as Frederic
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