Heorot's Imaginary Parody In Beowulf

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An extraordinary mead-corridor has been manufactured named Heorot, where Hrothgar rules the Danes. The lobby is assaulted by the beast Grendel, a plunge of the race of Cain. Beowulf of the Geats goes to Heorot and slaughters the beast with his uncovered hands. The following night the creature 's mom looks for retaliation; Beowulf seeks after her to her sanctuary, and kills her as well. Beowulf returns home, and in time gets to be King of the Geats. Somewhere in the range of 50 years after the fact, Beowulf 's kin are assaulted by a mythical beast. Beowulf meets the mythical serpent in battle, and however he executes it, bites the dust in the fight. Without his security the Geats are invade by the Swedes from the north and tribes from the
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