Hep Degumming Process

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The purpose of this study was to provide a green agent for hemp degumming process. In this paper, the preparation of plasma acid was using dielectric barrier discharge device under atmospheric pressure processing distilled water. The plasma acid was then used to process hemp. The equipments and instruments required in plasma acid processing hemp was easy operation and low cost. In the experiment, bath ratio, temperature and processing time were main factors. The optimal scheme of plasma acid processing hemp was determined through orthogonal experiment. The results of the pectin and lignin removal rate tests revealed that, in the hemp degumming process, the plasma acid was effective. After plasma acid processing, pectin content was decreased…show more content…
Unfortunately, the chemical method has many disadvantages of pollution to the environment, and difficulty in removing the residual chemical substance from the degummed fiber. As a result, the green awareness and concerns about the environment are increasing, which has paved way for eco-friendly degumming method research [5]. Recently, a large number of degumming methods have been studied, which can be summed up in mechanical and biological technology. Among these methods, chemical agents also have to be used to improve the degumming effect, which does no good to the…show more content…
In the plasma acid degumming process, the pectin degraded. When processing temperature increased from 20 oC to 90 oC, the effect of plasma acid was enhanced. According to the pectin removal rate, processing temperature and time were the important factors. Under 1:10, 90 oC, and 80 min (A1 B3 C3) condition, the pectin removal rate was better. In plasma acid processing, lignin swelled and further dissolved, including aromatic ring fracture and the molecular weight decrease. According to the lignin removal rate, the influence of processing time on plasma acid processing was smaller. As the processing time was extended, the acidity of plasma acid decreased. Under 1:10, 90 oC, and 30 min (A1 B3 C1) condition, the lignin removal rate was better. In order to obtain the optimal scheme of plasma acid processing, experiments were carried out under (A1 B3 C1) and (A1 B3 C3) conditions respectively. The pectin removal rate and lignin removal rate were tested and shown in table 5. According to the testing results, under (A1 B3 C3) condition, the effect of plasma acid was better. The pectin removal rate was 58.553% and lignin removal rate was
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