Hepatitis Argumentatory Essay

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All around America parents are getting their children vaccinated, yet there’s the small amount of parents that are endangering all of America by their uneducated decision. Along with 15 other vaccine preventable diseases, Hepatitis A (Hep. A) is spread by simply not getting the vaccine. Carriers of Hep. A are noted to have no symptoms, although anything the carrier touches becomes infected with Hep. A. Consequently if the victim has not been vaccinated, the liver becomes infected. A parent or caregiver without the vaccine can get deathly sick and result in liver failure. Most vaccines are covered by either private insurance or medicare, so the fee with each vaccinations costs little to nothing. Usually, with pediatrics vaccinations are always available whether the parents have insurance or not. Hep. A is a crucial vaccination for the well being of the future, many children will die before age 15 if every child did not…show more content…
When Americans gave the indians blankets laced with Polio, most of the indians died because they were not immune to the virus like the Americans were. The science behind this shows that every human has T cells and B cells. When the vaccine is administered, the T cell tell the B cell to grab onto the live virus, then the B cells make a copy of the virus to put into a “book” produced by the T cells. After the vaccine has done its job, the human body will remember that gene and the body 's defense mechanisms will fight off the virus so the body does not get sick. After a parent see’s the scientific evidence of the human body 's need for vaccines it should be very difficult for the parent to deny their child what they need. Making it illegal to deny a child of vaccines would stop parents from making irrational choices just by a facebook article. The way the human body is designed, it needs some sort of defense mechanisms all of its
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