Hepatitis B Vaccination Research Paper

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Vaccination, How It started

“In 1790’s, Edward Jenner’s an English doctor, first to study and report the effects of the use of cowpox vaccination to prevent smallpox” (History of vaccines, 2005). Smallpox was believed to have existed way back in ancient times, from the time of the pharaoh through the Roman Empire and up to the present. It has caused the death of hundreds and thousands of people in the 1800’s. Dr. Edward Jenner was alarmed with the rising of death in Europe, started his experiment by taking a pus sample of the cowpox virus of an infected cow and injected it to another infected cow and after sometime, the cow survived. Then he asked permission from the parents of the child who was infected with smallpox and tried injecting
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from extracting contagious diseases. On the first few weeks of their lives. first vaccine being injected to babies after delivery is Hepatitis B followed by 3 more dosage after few months. “All babies should get the first shot of hepatitis B vaccine before they leave the hospital. This shot acts as a safety net, reducing the risk of getting the disease from moms or family members who may not know they are infected with hepatitis B” (cdc.gov). Babies after birth has no protection, their immune system is still weak, and the only thing that can protect them is to have them…show more content…
Richard Thorp, past president of California Medical Association stated that, SB 277 is based in fact and science and will help increase community immunity across the state. The measles outbreak has infected a lot of people and brought some to be hospitalized, if people were vaccinated with measles at that time, the result of outbreak could have been minimal if not prevented. The Bill 277 was passed not to scare Californians but to protect its people from infectious diseases and from spreading it. Vaccination is widely accepted not only in the United States but throughout the world. This is the greatest achievement of modern science. But not all great are being accepted by the people, vaccination is certainly one of them. Critics will certainly find a way to fight against it. Mandatory vaccination may sound harsh and others may think that it is a violation of their freedom, but the outbreak clearly shows that there is a need to pass the Bill. It is the duty of the government and its members to protect and to serve its

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