Hephaestus Creation Story

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Hephaestus was a Greek god until he was kicked out for being ugly. When they kicked him out of the sky he landed on an island that was very mysterious. It was as stranded as an ant in a black cave. When Hephaestus first fell onto the island he had no clue what was coming. He thought that sues felt bad for kicking him out and gave him a nice island, but this was NO nice island. When he first realized that the island was a horrible, scary, awful place he tried to escape but when they kicked him out the Greek gods also took his powers. He soon accepts the fact that he isn 't going to escape the island so he just explores the island. He soon finds a fruit tree and is so excited he runs toward the tree not noticing the giant dinosaur guarding it. The dinosaur looks down at him and was about to speak, but before he could Hephaestus ran away.…show more content…
He decided to build a tent and fire by a place surrounded by fruit trees and easy to kill animals. He went further out into the island to get some wood for the fire, he then finds a mutant like beaver about to chop him up. He runs away even faster than he ran away from the dinosaur. After that he stayed in his camp area for three days with no food, no drinks just the little sand that he nearly ate after actually getting the courage to get the wood he dropped. He killed almost all the easy kill animals after one night he was so tired out he decided to have a feast. So he went out to the water and was looking for fish. After a while of fish he almost gave up until he found what looked like a fish, but actually turned out to be a blob fish. He was so frightened and disgusted he ran away back to his camping spot. He did go back to the water because he thought it was dumb just to run away from a dumb, ugly fish, but of course he wasn 't going to eat it so he gave up on meat and stuck to

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