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Her Bun, My Oven The idea of a surrogate mother might seem strange to some, but quite appealing to others. AsI scroll through my Facebook newsfeed, I run into posts of mothers carrying their daughters babies or sisters carrying their sisters babies. It reminded me of an episode of Friends where Phoebe carries her brothers babies because his wife is infertile. At first, the idea of surrogate motherhood seemed like a great idea; a couple who cannot conceive could have a baby of their own. After researching the topic some more, I quickly realized that has many ethical issues.
According to the passage Assisted Reproductive Technology, a prospective father impregnates a fertile woman which is usually done my artificial insemination (McGraw-Hill 399). At this point, the fertile woman has agreed to give the baby to the father and his partner after she births the baby. This means that the surrogate mother is the biological mother of the baby. This creates many ethical issues like, "What if the surrogate mother decides to keep the baby after birth?(McGraw Hill 399)" This creates a problem for both the surrogate mother because she might not have the money to take care of the baby
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If everything goes as planned, the prospective parents could potentially have a baby. I think that there are too many ethical issues surrounding surrogacy; that, I would rather adopt than have a surrogate mother. I think there are already so many kids without a home that could bring so much joy into my life. I think that if someone were to ask me to be the surrogate mother, I would have to decline because I know there is no way that I could have a baby with someone and not have the baby be part of my life. This is my opinion now, I have never been put in that situation and I don’t know if this actually happened to me if my opinions would

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