Her Movie Analysis

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Set in the near future, the sci-fi/romance film Her, directed by Spike Jonze, tells a story about a recent divorcee named Theodore who writes personal letters for other people. After being heartbroken over his last relationship, which the audience catches pieces of through flashbacks, Theodore becomes interested in the idea of an intuitive and self-aware advanced operating system who gives herself the name Samantha. His relationship with Samantha grows into a romantic one and they grow together throughout the film. Their relationship, and it’s eventual end, is a statement on the risk of intimacy in a world where people are constantly evolving and growing. There are certain characteristics that are specific to solely sci-fi films. Science fiction usually presents a futuristic setting that attempts to present logical and realistic explanation for fantastic or currently impossible situations. Many sci-fi films also seek to tackle the complex mystery of human identity through these impossible situations. Her is a great example of a science fiction film that addresses this theme of self-identity. Samantha, an operating system, is not the type of character that an audience of a sci-fi film would typically empathize with. Her existence poses questions about…show more content…
Romance films are usually all about the existence of a relationship and the passion and love that two characters can feel for each other. This is shown in Her but unlike the classic romance movie, Her does not end up with a “happy ending” where the two characters involved end up together forever. Her’s approach to romance could come across as cynical, showing that the OS, which is debatably real or unreal, outgrows the man who hides behind letters or operating systems in order to express his emotion. His view of romance seems infantile, while Samantha’s is all about seeking to
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