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Review of Her “Her is a beautiful, unusual romantic tale whose protagonist falls in love with a computer 's voice, an offbeat coupling that may be difficult for some viewers to comprehend. The film also takes on some mature themes, including the crumbling of a marriage and the mourning period that comes when a relationship breaks apart” (Outlaw).
“Expect some swearing (including "f--k"), and a scene where a character has loud, enthusiastic intercourse with a voice. There 's a bit of quick topless nudity and some sexual moments between adults but otherwise a great film” (Robledo). In the world of Her, much is accomplished through the use of computer systems which use voice recognition, those computer systems which in turn communicate to
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The story on an intellectual level questions. There are several really big ideas at play including what love is, how a person is supposed to be love, and the very nature of what it means to be human. At the beginning the very first words of the advertisement Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) hears that attracts him to the Operating System that changes his life are these: “We ask you a simple question. Who are you?” The theme of identity. Although it is challenging time dialing into the movie on an emotional level. It is possible to feel a small amount of sympathy for Theodore as he confronted finalizing his divorce from a woman he obviously still had feelings for. Also he’s lonely and to top it off, he’s a nice guy. But it does not explain why Theodore is the way he is. Apart from the failed relationship with his soon-to-be ex-wife Catherine, Writer Spike Jonze does not present anything specific details in Theodore’s past to provide an easy explanation as to the state of his psychological nature…show more content…
Her is a fantastic film with many defining characteristics. The characters interacting with each other and the tension that is present throughout helps this movie tell a wonderful story. From Theodore discovering the new technology of Oss and falling in love with Samantha then losing her to the evolution of OSs is certainly a main plot point. This movie shares many things with the audience about the question of how far the relationship of humanity and technology is supposed to go and shows that love is a precious entity but that sometimes some relationships do not end up like some may want them to. Her also subtlety expresses that when events do not go a certain way that a person should move on to bigger and better things. So, to conclude this review, the movie Her is a great example of human relationships and the problems that come with a relationship and is a must watch to anyone who likes a good romantic
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