Hera Queen Of The Olympians

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Hera, Queen of the Olympians, loyal, passionate but vengeful. Well known for being married to the King of all Olympians, Zeus. She is loved and worshiped by many household women but feared by those of Zeus’ affairs. Everyone, including her husband avoids conflict with Hera. Hera’s powers are protecting women from rape, death during childbirth and help preserving the health of women all together. She also has super strength, immortality and resistance to injury. Hera has a tendency to get jealous, vengeful and vain. Hera’s symbolic animals are the cow, the lion, the cuckoo, the peacock and the duck. Her allegorical plants are apples of immortality, pomegranates, iris, oranges and willow. One of Hera’s many myths is “Only speaking the words
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