Hera's Role In Greek God

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Greek Gods and Goddesses known all through out history have been known for their acts. Although Hera is best known as Queen of the Olympian Gods, she is also known for her jealous acts of destruction and her role of women in society. Hera was the daughter of Rhea and Titans Cronus and was born on the islands of Samos under a willow tree. Her mother, Rhea, was the earth goddess and her father Cronus was king of the titans. Her father swallowed Hera and her other siblings because of his fear that all of his children would over throw him and become powerful(Cavendish650). She had for children named Hephaestus, Hebe, Ares, and Eileithyia with her husband and brother, Zeus who she married out of shame and embarrassment. Hera is the queen of the Olympian Gods and is known as being very majestic crowned with a wreath or diodem on her head while she carries a lotus-tipped scepter in her hand. She is worshiped in two ways as the Goddess of Marriage and life of…show more content…
Hera is well known for her role of women in society. In very many aspects Hera 's character represents womanhood. Hera has many different temples of Heraion built all around the country in Samos, Olympia and Argos all in her honor(Cavendish655). Her roles in Greek Literature include Goddess of Marriage and life of women, and Consort of Zeus and queen of heaven. Hera only married Zeus because she started to have a relationship with her own brother causing her to become impregnated with Zeus 's child. Embarrassed and with a child she had to choice but to marry Zeus out of shame but she did not have hateful feelings toward her own children. Zeus gave birth on his own to the goddess Athena and when Hera found out this she was very angry. Hera was mad and wanted to prove to him that she was powerful and independent and could do anything he could do. She gave birth on her own to Hephaetus and Typhon without Zeus.(651) Acts of destruction, and role of women in society both characterize the Queen of the Olympian
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